2301 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Hockeytown Cafe

Hockeytown Cafe

Hockeytown Cafe invites you to celebrate the legacy of sports with their branded merch line. Hockeytown Cafe Exclusives offer dedicated fans comfort and style for any game day. From authentic lace-up hoodies for tailgating to moisture wicking tanks for those scorching double headers, we have you covered! Come visit us at the front counter and secure a piece of Detroit’s legacy.


We were Detroit Pistons fans before they moved to our city but now, we’re more obsessed than ever. We hunted down the perfect blend of retro flair and modern touches in both apparel and memorabilia to bring you horsepower in style.


A short walk from our front door, or a quick jog up to our roof, Comerica Park is always in sight and on our mind. We’ve crafted a unique and vibrant collection of gear that showcases the ferocious spirit of the Detroit Tigers.

Red Wings

The team that inspired us to celebrate our fans every day with Hockeytown Cafe. We’ve been through victories and defeats and wear the red and white with pride. Our expansive Detroit Red Wings collection is waiting for you!

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